Working with Categories in Joomla

Creating new categories in Joomla can be done fairly easy. If you are new to Joomla, then I know it seems difficult. When I first started with Joomla I couldn’t do anything. It frustrated me so much. I couldn’t even add an article. So, that is why I take the time to write step by step tutorials. I know how complicated it can be. In this tutorial I will show you how to work with categories in Joomla.

How to Create New Categories in Joomla

Go to your admin page and log in to your los mejores hosting para joomla control panel. Once you are logged in, you will see a list of options at the top of your window. Click on Content and then on Category Manager. The next page will show a list of categories that you already have installed in Joomla.

Look at the top right corner of your page, you will see a row of buttons. Click on the New button. The next page is where you will fill in the information required to create a new category. Fill in the information and click the Save button at the top right hand corner. That will create a new category.

How to Publish and Unpublish a Category in Joomla

Click the Content link and then the Category Manager link. A list of categories will pop up on the next page. Look beside the name of the category and you will see either a red X or a little blue box. If there is a blue box beside the name of the category then the category is published. If there is a red X beside the name then it is unpublished. Click one time on the blue box to unpublish the category. Click one time on the red X to publish a category.

How to Order the Categories in Joomla

You can put the categories in the order that you want in the menu. Click Content gt; Category Manager. On the next page you will see little boxes with numbers in each one. The numbers in that box tells where they will be ordered in the menu. To change the order of them, simply change the numbers in the boxes.

How to Edit a Category in Joomla

You may need to change something about a category. That can be easily done by clicking Content gt; Category Manager. When the category section comes up, click on the name of the category that you want to edit. The next page will bring up the information for that category and you can make changes to it. Once you are finished editing it, click on the Save button in the top right hand corner.

Those are the basics that you need to know to work with categories in Joomla.