Salaries and Working Condition in Argentina

If you are interested in moving to South America to live and work in Argentina you may be in for a bit of a shock in regards to working conditions and salaries. Before you go to a job interview in Argentina it is important to make sure that you are well dressed as there is an exceptional amount of attention paid to the way you are dressed when you go to an interview. And if you are interviewing for any kind of professional job you can expect to experience several rounds of interviews and psychological tests.

If you make it past the interview process and get a job in Argentina you may be shocked at the low wages. The minimum wage in Argentina is around $500 per month and the average wage in the country is around $575. Of course the amount that you will make will dependent upon your individual skills and education level. To get a rough idea of the type of salary you could bring home a month you can use the following as a guide. lugares turisticos en jujuy capital If you did not complete your primary schooling you can expect to make around $300 per month. If you did complete your primary schooling but nothing further you can average around $375 per month. If you completed some high school you can expect an average of $400 per month. However if you completed high school the average wage earned per month is around $575. And if you have any type of post secondary degree you will average around $850 per month.

Remember that wages vary also according to geographical location. Buenos Aires and the Ushuaia/ Rio Grande areas have the highest wages in Argentina. While the areas of Salta and Corrientes has the lowest wages in the country.

Unlike working overseas in Europe, you will most likely not have an employment contract when you are working in Argentina. Some workers do have employment contracts, but the norm is no employment contract.

In Argentina the legal limit of working hours per day is eight and per week are 48. For daily work, hours cannot exceed 44 per week. For night time work, hours cannot exceed 42 per week. And for work in hazardous or unhealthy environments, hours cannot exceed 36 per week. Typically work is not permitted on Saturday afternoons and all day on Sunday in the entire country. Exceptions to this can be made by the authorities.

All employees over age 18 are entitled to a bonus that equals one months pay. Half of this bonus is usually paid in June and the other half is paid in December.

If you do have an employment contract is will be valid for a period no greater than five years. If you wish to terminate a contract you have to give a notice of 15 days. And employers also have to give you at least 15 days notice when terminating your contract.

In Argentina it is against the law to employ female workers between the periods of 45 days before giving birth and 45 days after childbirth.